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  • osteocondrosi

    How to avoid the risk osteochondrosis

    The osteochondrosis is a degenerative syndrome bone fragments which ends, especially attacks the joints and affects in particular the young sportsmen who are more subjected to trauma to the bone and muscle. The causes of the appearance of an osteochondrosis syndrome or degenerative bone is the necrosis of bone epiphysis or apophysis, che insorge a causa di

  • Foto 14

    soccer shoes tailored: the choice that saves you from injuries

    Those who practice competitive sport needs proper shoes. L'athlete, especially if it needs to stress the legs will have to resort to custom-made shoes to avoid serious repercussions on the entire musculo. Infatti, a mediocre footwear could impede the smooth running of the foot and also the leg, alterando le perfomances ad esempio di un calciatore in

  • scarpe cuoio

    Le prime scarpe di calcio erano in cuoio, ma come sono cambiate?

    Le scarpe di calcio rappresentano i ferri del mestiere dei calciatori, perchè sono i soli attrezzi indispensabili per scendere in campo e proteggere i piedi. Ma come è cambiata la scarpa nel corso del tempo? Al contrario delle scarpe moderne che possono essere completamente personalizzabili nei colori e nei disegni, le prime erano monocrome, fatte di puro cuoio, so that

  • tacchetti

    The Miracle of Bern and the invention of-removable cleats,it

    The first football boots with leather soles and cleats nailed skin had been produced already in the '20s, but in 1949 which they are patented the first of shaped rubber studs and adjustable. Nel 1954, on the occasion of the World Cup in Switzerland, comes the revolution: appear the first-removable cleats. It was a German footwear entrepreneur, the

  • scarpe da calcio storica

    Come sono cambiate le scarpe da calcio?

    How have the football boots throughout history? The football museum in Coverciano, a place created to discover anecdotes and historical exhibits of our national team and national championships, today are on display these kick-shoes' 900. As can be seen the shoe canons, security and technical features, nonché