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  • giocare a calcio

    Because it is good to play football?

    The game of football is good for health, and to say they are some studies conducted in Denmark, England, Portugal and Brazil with the support of FIFA. The conclusions of the scholars is that hanging football boots after a certain age would be counterproductive. Here's why. According to these studies, playing in a soccer systematically improve the de facto

  • Danese per sito

    The 50 years soccer shoes made in Italy

    Way back 1965, a village bathed in the Adriatic, many shops were forced to close. Antonio Danish, then, He was a young craftsman by doubts. Having joined the Navy faced a crossroads: choose whether to pursue a military career or risk and open a laboratory of football boots craft. He chose the challenge: iscrivendosi al registro degli artigiani

  • 12004916_1681231488777277_3269819115481244414_n

    Tante novità in arrivo su

    Friends another season has started and we have in Serbia Danish Footwear many surprises for you… Just a few days from the launch of the e-commerce site where you can purchase all models

  • 11917557_1677740485793044_5423273797574014060_o

    Calzature Speciali e personalizzate

    La nostra è una delle più grandi aziende italiane di scarpe sportive ma la vocazione resta la lavorazione artigianale. Come accadeva un tempo nelle piccole botteghe, the Danish Footwear studies the wishes of customers and offers innovative lines and custom templates…come questo: unique and unrepeatable made for a special athlete.

  • 10888391_1675083372725422_274438853361036537_n

    Le nostre Sneaker per il tuo tempo libero

    “Usa bene il tempo, se vuoi avere del tempo libero”. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Friends, Danish footwear is sports and beyond… Wishing you a peaceful and relaxing holiday weekend we recommend you try the refined models of Danish leisure.