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How to avoid the risk osteochondrosis


The osteochondrosis is a degenerative syndrome bone fragments which ends, especially attacks the joints and affects in particular the young sportsmen who are more subjected to trauma to the bone and muscle.

The causes of the appearance of an osteochondrosis syndrome or degenerative bone is the necrosis of bone epiphysis or apophysis, that occurs due to an interruption of blood flow to.

What can lead to this occlusion? In addition to endocrine or genetic factors, the main cause is certainly the presence of the apparatus bone trauma.

Repeated trauma to the foot can actually cause a slow detachment of bone or cartilage parts causing a growing pain.

It is quite clear that those who undergo a sport in which they are solicited for example feet, should wear shoes of such measures for the sport practiced. A football shoe created specifically to cushion the falls of the piade plant on the ground during the race, They may protect the bone apparatus particularly in patients with a particular predisposition.