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Come sono cambiate le scarpe da calcio?

scarpe da calcio storica

How have the football boots throughout history? The football museum in Coverciano, a place created to discover anecdotes and historical exhibits of our national team and national championships, today are on display these kick-shoes' 900.
As can be seen the shoe canons, security and technical features, as well as the use of the materials have undergone a real revolution. Medical research has done its part, radically changing the way people play and seeing the football shoe a tool not only to enhance the game, but the player protection, whose feet are subjected to an increasing manner with increasing stress. Increase so the cleats for greater stability on the ground, the plant is transformed to become almost customized to the player and lowers the height of the shoe to allow the foot a lesser contraction. So careful study to performance of the players have always allowed less injuries and better results on the ground.

Danese Calzature segue costantemente l’evoluzione del design e delle tecnologie all’avanguardia per produrre delle scarpe da calcio artigianali sempre più performanti.