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Playing football with the cleats prevents pain in the feet

calciare il pallone

Personalizzare le scarpe da calcio scegliendo la suola con i tacchetti che rispettano la conformità dei piedi e del vostro fisico può fare la differenza sul campo da gioco.

A professional football player runs on average 12 km per game. Are approximately 6000 the contacts of the foot to the ground that are distributed between the phase of the walkway, jogging and sprinting.

It is quite clear that the increased verticality of the foot to the ground you are right in the passage from the path to the sprint, producing a substantial load on the foot. Durante il gioco e soprattutto in fase di contatto con la palla, the player is subjected to other loads.
In addition to vertical loads, a player's foot is subject to other forces during the various maneuvers and the impact with the ball. At this stage a decisive role in improving the handling performance on the field, the place the cleats, present under the football shoe soles.
The cleats are born and perfected to improve and possibly lighten the loads on the feet, but on hard court, not being able to penetrate the soil and not allowing adequate movement on the contrary amplify the vertical load supported by the ball of the foot.

It is no coincidence that already studies dating back to about 10 years ago we have shown that among the soccer players the most painful areas of the foot correspond to the area of ​​the studs, despite still it has not shown a firm relationship between stud pressure and trauma.