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The Miracle of Bern and the invention of-removable cleats,it


The first football boots with leather soles and cleats nailed skin had been produced already in the '20s, but in 1949 which they are patented the first of shaped rubber studs and adjustable.

Nel 1954, on the occasion of the World Cup in Switzerland, comes the revolution: appear the first-removable cleats. It was a German footwear entrepreneur, whose first letters of the name and surname formed the Adidas brand, the inventor of this technique found.

It was thanks to him that Germany defeated Hungary in the last match in history as the "Miracle of Bern". The concept was simple: It was necessary to ensure the player a greater grip and control on the ball even in adverse weather conditions, like on a weighted soil from rain. In fact with this new cleat, the player acquired greater flexibility of the foot while maintaining ground balance.