Italian and Always in tune with the times

The 50 years soccer shoes made in Italy

Danese per sito

Way back 1965, a village bathed in the Adriatic, many shops were forced to close.
Antonio Danish, then, He was a young craftsman by doubts. Having joined the Navy faced a crossroads: choose whether to pursue a military career or risk and open a laboratory of football boots craft.
He chose the challenge: enrolling in the register of artisans and so began his professional career in via Sant'Anna.

After inaugurating the workshop of repair and construction shoes, the young Danish Antonio, He decided to aim high, investing in technologies to create soccer shoes and craft to move with the times.

So the story of Danish Footwear went through half a century of history.
He lived the changes in society's economic boom, He has experienced the technological innovations of the coming years up to lead the new millennium, era 2.0 with only one certainty: the superiority of craftsmanship, custom, 100% made in Italy.