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Because it is good to play football?

giocare a calcio

The game of football is good for health, and to say they are some studies conducted in Denmark, England, Portugal and Brazil with the support of FIFA. The conclusions of the scholars is that hanging football boots after a certain age would be counterproductive.

Here's why. According to these studies, playing in a soccer systematically improve muscle tone and in fact would help the cardiovascular system and metabolism to function properly. Furthermore, The burst of energy that gives a football game to the body would help sensibly control of hypertension in middle-aged patients, improving, in fact, life expectancy. It does not apply in this case gender discrimination and especially at what age you started to play, so that improvements on health status also would record of those who have never played or have never trained before.
And all this regardless of what field you play, if a team of 5, 8 O 11 players, the important thing is that sport is practiced regularly.