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Because calcium is good for children

bambini che giocano

Football is the most popular sport ever in Italy, so that the accredited schools nationwide are over 7.200 and every year there are about 300.000 children telescoping football boots and start to play for the first time.
Il dato sul perchè il calcio fa bene ai bambini è estremamente incoraggiante. According to some researchers the sport practiced from an early age would be the best prevention against non-infectious diseases, in addition to being among the activities that guarantee more movement and then developed muscles and cardiovascular improvement.
But football would be important for the child from the point of view of emotional and social growth. Team play is a great way to socialize, while the concept of victory and defeat would mature kids better than others, also learning to follow strict rules.
Then, in children not only seem to immediately improve heart function after playing football at school, but also self-esteem and physical activity would become even tempting for those with overweight.