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Why choose from right football boot prevents permanent damage to the foot

scarpa da calcio giusta

The pathology of Turf-toe - or finger from turf -, typical of football players is also growing among the players. The scientific publications that are multiplying about it speak for themselves: football boots used are a triggering factor for the start of joint problem, in addition to the playing surface.

It is a problem that predisposes hallux valgus or rigid and is often surgically solved.

A study conducted by specialist doctors for the FIGC has shown that the use of shoes in 6 unscrewable spikes than conventional ones with 13 rubber studs, in particular those with rigid sole, They are among the likely contributing factors to Turf-toe.

La scelta della scarpa da calcio giusta con la suola flessibile a pianta stretta potrebbe comportare in ipertensione uno strappo della capsula, while a stiff-soled shoe absorbs the shock, tight shoes therein less plantar sensory feedback, while those very thick would alleviate plantar sensations useful to adequate articulation, the same applies for the fastenings narrow because the pressure would decrease the capacity of absorption of the shocks of the foot in the stance phases.

This shows that sports shoes must be used in the best possible way and for surfaces (Natural / Synthetic) or conditions (Wet / Dry) for which they were created.